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At the Dental Clinic in Chembur, we recognize the importance of maintaining optimal oral hygiene. We understand that dental care extends beyond mere tooth-related concerns. Our comprehensive approach encompasses examining and treating various oral components such as the jaws, salivary glands, tongue, and head. Neglecting dental issues over an extended period can give rise to additional health complications.

Our team of proficient and knowledgeable dentists has the expertise to diagnose dental ailments and accurately administer top-notch treatment. At GO DENTAL STUDIO, Located in Chembur, we provide a wide array of dental services that cater to diverse needs. These services include teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing, restorative fillings, root canal therapy, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and more.

Dental Clinic in Chembur with General Dentistry Services

Our Dental Clinic in Chembur, we offer a wide range of general dentistry services to ensure optimal oral health. Our experienced team of dentists provides comprehensive care to address various dental issues. Here are the key services we provide:

Oral Health Consultation:

Our oral health consultation involves a thorough examination of your mouth, including teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and other oral tissues. This assessment helps us develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Regular consultations with our dentists can help detect minor oral problems early and prevent the need for more invasive treatments later on.

Teeth Cleaning (Scaling):

Teeth cleaning, also known as scaling, is a procedure performed by our dental professionals. It involves the removal of plaque, tartar, and calculus from your teeth using automated scalers. Regular scaling every six months helps prevent gum problems, tooth decay, and bad breath. The process usually takes about 30 minutes and can be completed in a single session.

Teeth Polishing:

After scaling, we provide teeth polishing to restore their natural shine and gloss. Using professional polishing paste and an automated brush, we eliminate stains and enhance the appearance of your teeth. The polishing procedure typically takes around 15 minutes.

Fillings for Decayed Teeth:

When decay (caries) affects your teeth, we offer tooth-colored fillings to restore them. Our dentists remove the decayed tooth structure and replace it with composite filling material. These tooth-colored restorations are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and provide long-term service. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, our mercury-free clinic follows the highest safety standards for our patients. The procedure usually takes less than 20 minutes.

Tooth Extractions:

In cases where a tooth is severely decayed and cannot be saved through root canal treatment, extraction may be necessary. Our experienced oral surgeons perform tooth extractions using forceps. The average extraction time is about 10 to 15 minutes. We provide post-operative care instructions, including the placement of a gauze plug, consumption of cold food, application of icepacks, and avoidance of certain activities such as smoking and drinking through a straw.

Do you remember the last time you smiled for a picture? Did you flash your white teeth or did you hide your teeth?
Today, many people benefit from Dental treatment A wide range of procedures is available that can improve your smile.
Gone are the days when you had to settle with chipped, stained and crooked teeth. A revelation in dentistry ensures that cosmetically enhanced teeth now look more natural and last longer than they did in the past. By skillfully blending the modern techniques, your dentist can “sculpt” a more attractive smile for you.
A confident smile is a powerful way for you to communicate. An improved smile will help you to make a great impression both personally and professionally.
If the answer is “ yes” then you need to get a cosmetic evaluation done by your dentist.

  • Do you lack confidence when smiling?
  • Do you wish you had a smile as pretty as the celebrities?
  • Do you wish your teeth were whiter?
  • Do you have any discolored or stained teeth or fillings?
  • Are any of your teeth Overlapping or crooked?
  • Do you have any gaps between teeth?
  • Do you have any uneven shape teeth due to chips, fractures or rough edges?
  • Do your teeth seem out of proportion because they are uneven in length or shape?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the way your gums look?
  • Are your gums red, swollen, receding or bleeding?

We are Top Celebrity Dentist in Mumbai

Everything starts with a smile. The mesmerizing perfect smiles donned by our favorite celebrities are a dream that has yet to be achieved. That’s precisely what we aim at Dr Sandeep Shetty’s Go Dental Studio, one of the leading cosmetic dentist in the field. We have the best experience from favourite celebrities’ journey towards a straighter, whiter, beautiful, natural-looking healthy smile.

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