Dr.Sandeep Shetty : Prosthodontist / Implantologist


Chembur, Mumbai - 400071


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Dental Clinic in Mumbai
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Best Dental Implant Clinic in Mumbai

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The Go Dental Studio is a full-service Specialist dental clinic in Mumbai, with expertise in providing superior quality dentistry services with the Western standards in India. Founded by top dentist Dr Sandeep S. Shetty, the Specialist Dental Clinic in Mumbai has a comfortable new and modern interior; we offer a comprehensive selection of dental services catering to the entire family at our clinic at any age, from dentistry for children to 3rd Molar Surgery.

The Go Dental Studio stands for innovation, attention, and expert skill in specialized dentistry. Dr Sandeep S. Shetty has completed their Master’s in Dental Surgery and extensive education courses at various centres in SEOUL ( South Korea ), Dublin ( Ireland ), Los Angles (U.S.A.), California, Japan, and Turkey. Their Specialist Dental Clinic in Chembur is known for its bright, vibrant, modern ambience, state-of-the-art technology, impeccable sterilization protocols, and well-trained, supporting dentists in Mumbai.

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Experienced Dentist in Mumbai

Dental Clinic in Mumbai

Best Dental Clinic In Mumbai

The consultants and staff of the Dental Clinic In Mumbai hold themselves to the highest standards in dental practice, using dental materials and equipment at par with those used in Europe or the U.S.A, so much so that they are always confident to guarantee genuine warranties on their crowns, bridges, and various other dental procedures.

The wide range of Dental care services includes preventative or restorative specialties such as composite fillingsroot canal treatmentscrowns and & bridgesexpert teeth whiteningcosmetic dentistry and Orthodontics for children and older adults. In addition, their expert dentists provide various treatments for gum disease or discolouring, like gingival depigmentation (gum bleaching), scaling and polishing, and gum grafting because of recession. The Dental Arch is also one of the renowned dental clinics in India for placing Dental implants and restoring missing teeth. The Dental Clinic also can perform all Oral surgical procedures under the care and supervision of the best dental surgeons in Mumbai – India.

Best Specialist Dental Clinic in Mumbai - A Wide Range of Services

Dentist consultation
  1. Thorough check up
  2. Dignosis
  3. Dental Xrays
  4. Tips for dental care
  5. Treatment Planning
General Dental Service
  1. Teeth Cleaning
  2. Polishing of Teeth
  3. Dental Restoration
  4. Dental sealants
  5. Root Canal Treatment
Cosmetic Dentistry
  1. Dental Veneers
  2. Teeth laminates
  3. Whitening / Bleaching
  4. Smile Makeovers
  5. Alignment of Teeth
Restorative Dentistry
  1.  Implants
  2.  Bone Grafts
  3. Crowns and Bridges
  4. Dentures
  5. Hybrid Dentures
Root canals
  1. Treatment of canals
  2. Acute periodontitis
  3. Treatment of pulpitis
  4.  Tooth nerve removal
Crowns & Bridges
  1. Prosthetics with crowns
  2. Removable prosthetics
  3.  Prosthetics for 1 day
  4. Various dentures
Dental implants
  1. Implantation of teeth
  2. Super Line Implants
  3. Laser implantation
  4. Astra Tech Implants
Tooth Extractions
  1. Removal of any tooth
  2. Under anesthesia
  3. Removal of baby teeth
  4. Tooth cyst removal

Advantages of Our Clinics as Best Specialist Dental Clinic in Mumbai

Bringing Life to Your Smile - Dental Clinic in Mumbai
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We Work for The Result - Best Specialist Dental Clinic in Mumbai

Dental Clinic in MumbaiDental Clinic in Mumbai
Dental Clinic in Mumbai
Cured patients' teeth for all times
we provide to patients

What Patients Says About Our Dentists In Mumbai


I got a smile makeover done by Dr Sandeep. Attention to each and every detail was given by the doctor. Thank you !!!


Experienced one of the best Dental care services at Smile Xchange. The clinic is bestowed with superior technology & prolific experts on board.


Smile Xchange is doing an excellent job of uplifting Dentistry. They are at par with International level.


Smile Xchange is the great platform to launch younger people and showcase the achievements of doctors practising for years.

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